Our team

Our team consists of professionals specialized in different branches of the Mexican legal system as accounting, fiscal, economic, and financial sectors. We address our clients’ challenges with a specialized, multidisciplinary approach. Our rigorous and effective work methodology ensures excellence and decisiveness in solving the cases presented to us, always providing services with the greatest warmth, promptness, and quality to the client.

Martha Elizabeth Ibarra Navarrete

Business Legal Consulting Partner

  • Attorney at Law, Master in Fiscal and Administrative Law, as well as Constitutional Law and “Amparo Law”. She holds diplomas in Taxes from ITAM and in Federal Judicial Processes. Former Magistrate of the Federal Administrative Court of Justice for ten years.

  • As a leader and strategist, she focuses on guiding and inspiring our team to create a shared vision and mission of comprehensive business service, committed to each of our clients, offering them impactful legal solutions…

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Jorge Geovanni Ávalos Palafox

Business Legal Consulting Partner

  • Attorney at Law, with a degree in Law from ITESO (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente), Master in Constitutional and Administrative Law by the University of Guadalajara.

  • Specialist in Fiscal and Administrative Law, with experience in federal public service as an official in the First Regional Chamber of the West of the then Federal Fiscal and Administrative Justice Court, now the Federal Administrative Justice Court, and in the…

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José Benjamín Luquín Robles

Tax Associate

  • Master in Business Administration from the Monterrey Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, with a postgraduate degree in tax studies from the Universidad Panamericana.

  • Expert in taxes, finance, and business management. Tax and business advisor, company openings, mergers, spin-offs, corporate restructuring.

  • Comptroller and member of various business management boards.

Julio César Juárez Macías

Labor Law Associate

  • Bachelor of Law from the Western Institute of Technology and Higher Studies (ITESO), class of 2001-2005.

  • Master in Corporate Law and International Business from the University of Valle de México, Zapopan campus, class of 2015-2017.

  • Currently a candidate for a Master’s in Social Security at Utegra Higher Education Center, ongoing since 2021.

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Paola Leticia Argote Valencia

Corporate Associate

  • She is a litigating attorney in fiscal and administrative matters, with experience in corporate law and money laundering prevention.

  • She graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Guadalajara Campus, and holds a Master’s degree in Constitutional and Administrative Law from the University of Guadalajara…

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Pedro Sandoval de Casas

  • He holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Guadalajara Campus, and is currently a candidate for a Master’s degree in Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Guadalajara; he also has a Specialization in Administrative Justice from the Higher Studies Center in Fiscal and Administrative Law of the….

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Alberto Maldonado Becerra

Financial Associate

  • Bachelor of Law from Universidad Panamericana. Director of the Corporate Area at “Estrategia Legal Empresarial, S.C.,” established to advise companies of IPADE alumni.

  • Co-founder of the digital platform “Legalshare.” Collaboration table with the top 100 firms in Mexico for the implementation of the Financial Reform in terms of Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorist Financing (AML/CTF). This led to obtaining the first authorizations in Mexico to operate a financial…

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Ana Paola Ramírez Ibarra

  • Bachelor of Laws, Diploma in Corporate and Business Law. Expert in Property and Fiscal Criminal Law, who contributes timely, effectively, and proactively, ensuring legal certainty to minimize legal risks in companies and maximize positive outcomes in their economic and social resources.

  • She excels in her analytical skills and high focus on results, working as part of a team, with negotiation skills, ease of communication, flexibility, and adaptability. Diploma in Intelligent Updating and Planning in…

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Darío Mondragón González

  • Litigating Attorney with a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Guadalajara, with experience in federal public service as an Official of the Federal Court of Administrative Justice, who has been recognized for his commitment and constant study of innovations in the application of Law and Justice.

  • Also served as Legal Advisor at Ramos, Ripoll y Schuster, Notaries 63 and 117 in Guadalajara, Jalisco; and at Corporativo Jurídico Valencia Ovalle, characterizing him as an excellent litigator…

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Víctor Loreto

  • Graduate of the Law program from the University of Guadalajara, with experience in administrative, fiscal, amparo (constitutional protection), property liability, alternative justice, family, criminal, and civil matters.

  • Has worked at: The Administrative Court of Justice of the State of Jalisco, Property Liability Trials, Agency 8 operative of Ciudad Niñez, related to crimes against minors, and the Medical Arbitration Commission of the State of Jalisco.

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Socially Responsible Company

By promoting policies of flexibility and reconciliation, equal opportunities in promotions, diversity in hiring, strict compliance with regulations, proper management of conflicts of interest, efficient use of resources, and by providing our professional services voluntarily and without financial compensation to vulnerable individuals, we thus collaborate with the society of Mexico.

Members of the Mexican Bars Association (INCAM)

Members of Mexican Association of Women Entrepreneurs (known in spanish as: “Asociación Mexicana de Mujeres Empresarias”)